Jun Nishikawa may be joining FC Barcelona

Jun Nishikawa, who is playing for Cerezo Osaka, is likely to transfer to FC Barcelona after he turns 18; it is reported on 17th January. Jun Nishikawa, who is 17 years old, is a promising player who is expected to play for the Japan national team, is recently joined Cerezo Osaka. (He has not graduated from high school yet)

He was a member of the U-20 World cup even though he was 16 at that time. It shows how much he is a promising and a great player.

According to him, he said, “My motivation towards becoming a starter for Cerezo Osaka. I want to be a regular member and want to play in the field as soon as possible.” Guessing from this comment, he first wants to play in the J-league, and gain some experience, and step up to the next level. He may be a realist. However, nowadays, the age of 18 is not as young as it is thought. There are many world-class players whose age is under 18. I want him to play for Barcelona FC if it is a B team.

Hiroki Abe is playing for FC Barcelona. He transferred to FC Barcelona B in 2019 in the summer. He played 15 games and scored 4, and joining to Top team training regularly.

Hiroki Abe

If Jun Nishikawa joins Barcelona, it would be great merit that Hiroki Abe is already there. Hiroki Abe would help him get used to living in Spain, playing for Barcelona as well.

Anyway, FC Barcelona is one of the most longing teams in the world for alomost football players, and as long as there is a chance, I think he should try there. Someday, watching him playing in the CL is one of the Japanese dreams!

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