Will Mr. Moriyasu be dismissed?

Mr. Moriyasu, who is the chief coach of Japan football national team, is facing a crisis on the dismiss. And many of the Japanese are expecting to do so.

It is the result since Mr.Moriyasu has become a coach.

Total Match:27

It looks better results so far; however, why is it reported that he may be dismissed shortly? I analyzed it by checking public opinion.

Dismiss him ASAP

Winning gold medal at the Tokyo olympic is a dream story without dismissing Mr. Moriyasu.

Should Mr.Moriyasu be dismissed?

Yes: 80%

It’s the first time I really wanted the Japan team to lose

If you really want to get a gold medal at the Olympics, the best shortcut is to remove Moriho. He is really incompetent.


Moriyasu fired! Moriyasu fired! Moriyasu fired! Moriyasu fired! Moriyasu fired!

It is better to give Moriyasu a sense of crisis. It looks there are no ingenuity and no effort to attract supporters. I don’t think so, but it looks like no plan. I want to see Japan team which have a clearer vision.

If you think of Japanese football, please resign.

Stay until the Olympic

Only 6 months is left until the Olympic. We have to rely on Mr.Moriyasu.

First of all, if you’ve fired Moriyasu now, who is the best replacement? I think it is dangerous to change suddenly if Japan wants to win the Tokyo Olympics.

Next match will take him somewhere

I could barely find ideas that Mr.Moriyasu should stay the team. The next match will be so important to him. If he loses, a number of insisting on dismissing him will be coming up.

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