Twitter reaction about Minamino joining Liverpool FC

Takumi Minamino is one of the best Japanese football players, and he transferred to Liverpool FC in the winter market. It is widely reported in Japan, and most of us are excited about the news. Can has it truly realized? Will he wear a red uniform? Joining the world no.1 team for Japanese is an unbelievable fact if it was five years ago. Takumi already made a debut in the tournament for Liverpool , and the next step is to score.

He commented that “I want to join Liverpool FC.” Five years ago.

He commented that he wants to join Liverpool FC five years ago

How do the Japanese react about his joining in Liverpool? Pick some tweets from twitter.

Translation: I have come to understand the difficulty of transferring to Liverpool

Translation: I am glad that Minamino transferred to Liverpool, and I am proud of the fact that Japanese players are now in Liverpool.

Translation: What I can not believe is that Minamino was not sent off when he was playing for Salzburg, rather than moving to Liverpool.

Translation: It’s really decided to transfer to Minamino. I’m very happy to transfer to the big club, he is going to be 3rd as a FW, but I want him to do best.

Translation: Why doesn’t Japanese TV report on the transfer of Minamino’s Liverpool? It ’s a historical moment

Translation: The transfer of Minano would not have been realized without Kagawa’s activity, the transfer of Kagawa would not have been realized without Hasebe’s activity, and the transfer of Hasebe would not have been possible without the activity of the plateau. The transfer might not have happened without Nakata’s success, and everything is connected after all.

Translation: For those who are interested in Liverpool by transferring to Minano, it takes time to get used to Liverpool’s football and Premier League. I am glad if you can stop talking something wrong to other players and crops.

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