Oshogatsu heals me phisically and mentally

In Japan, we have a long holiday from the end of the year to the first few days in the new year. “Oshogatsu.” (お正月)Oshogatsu means the first day (or first few days) in the new year. In 2019 to 2020, most of the Japanese had nine days off. (From Dec. 28,2019 to Jan.5, 2020)I also took a break and had a hard time to get back to work Jan.6, the first day for work in 2020.

OOSOUJI 大掃除 (おおそうじ)

Oshogatsu holiday is a unique culture, and usually what we are doing in this period? My family customary conduct a large scale of house cleaning!! I, of course, joined it and be controlled(yelled at) by my mother. Many of the family, people, or companies do this large scale of cleaning at the end year or the first few days in the new year. This custom is called “大掃除(おおそうじ, OOSOUJI) I always regret not cleaning little by little in daily life. When do you conduct a large scale of cleaning in your country?

Visiting the hometown

In Oshogatsu, we visit the city where we grow up and enjoy the reunion there. Most of my school friends are living somewhere in Japan, so it is challenging to gather except for Oshogatsu. Oshogatsu is an excellent opportunity to meet family and friends in the hometown. (most of Japanese go back to the hometown )So Shinkansen(新幹線)is so crowded or not impossible to get seat ticket. Many people move from a big city to their hometown.

waiting for shinkansen
Hatsumode 初詣(はつもうで)

Hatsumode(初詣)is also the event that we do in the new year. Hatsumode is the first visit to the shire in the new year. We pray the health, happiness, success, or something there that you are wishing. I always pray for the health of my family. If my family stays healthy, I am happy all the time. What will you pray for If you visit Hatsumode?

Some celebrities or wealthy people chose to go abroad during the Oshogatsu. Hawai is a popular place where people visit and relax. We can escape from busy days and recover physically and mentally.

What are you going to do if you are given nine consecutive days off? My dream is to visit abroad with my family. Not just visiting, I want to invite them with my cash.

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