Top 3 Gyudon restaurant in Japan

Gyudon is a “Beef bowl” in English. (A bowl of rice topped with cooked beef and onion) You can easily find Gyudon restaurants in Japan. Gyudon is easy to cook, low price, served fast, and delicious. So it is loved by various kinds of people from family to busy workers.

There are three famous Gyudon restaurants; its name is Yoshinoya(吉野家), Sukiya(すき屋), and Matsuya(松屋). Let’s see each of them. You may have ever seen some because there are some restaurants in foreign countries.


Sukiya has the largest number of stores in Japan, around 1,900. And there are stores in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Chinese Taipei, Hongkong, Brazil, and Mexico. I had no idea that Sukiya has its store in the south America area. Sukiya has launched since 1982 in Yokohama.

Surprisingly, there are various menus, not only Gyudon but also curry and seafood(tuna) bowl.
You just get in the restaurant and point out a menu to a staff what you want to eat. And the food will be delivered soon after you order. It is one of the reasons why the Gyudon restaurant is so popular.



Yoshinoya has the second largest number of stores in Japan, around 1,200. And there are stores in China, Chinese Taipei, philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Cambodia, and Indonesia. According to the comment, more and more people say that the taste of Gyudon is better than Sukiya. Please try both, and compare the taste, decide which Gyudon you like!


Matsuya has the second largest number of stores in Japan, around 1,100. Almost the same as Yoshinoya. Matsuya has a different trait compare to Sukiya and Yoshinoya. Matsuya’s “main menu” is Gyudon and Curry and set menus. Another two is only Gyudon is a leading menu. Matsuya offers various types of food, which you will have trouble choosing what to eat.

It is worth a try. Please visit there

Those Gyudon restaurants are making Japanese satisfy in daily diet. You can enjoy Japanese soul food there. The price is much lower than other restaurants if you order a normal size of Gyudon.

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