Why is Vissel Kobe so rich?

Vissel Kobe is a football team playing for a J-League. Vissel Kobe is known as the wealthiest club in Japanese football history. Vissel Kobe won the first title for the club on January 1st,2020, in the Emperors’s trophy. (Known as Tennohai in Japanese)
Vissel Kobe had previously spent such tough seasons every year. It always had a crisis in demotion. However, the club has changed since it started to hold world-famous players. Anyway, let’s see the summary of the club’s history.

What does Vissel mean?

Vissel is consist of two words. Guess which two terms are used for the Vissel? The answer is Victory and Vessel. Why is the word Vessel used for the name? Kobe has a history as a city where they had thrived as an international port city. So the Vissel Kobe thought Victory and Vessel would fit for the club name.

Kobe night view
Why is Vissel Kobe so rich?

The owner of the Vissel Kobe is Hiroshi Mikitani, who is a president of Rakuten Inc. Rakuten is electronic commerce, and online retailing company founded in 1997and Hiroshi Mikitani is such a wealthy businessman and loves football. He invests in not only the football market but also baseball and basketball as well. Lukas Podolski, Andres Iniesta, and David Villa are playing for the Vissel Kobe right now. (David villa announced retiring and Lukas Podolski is going to leave the team after finishing the negotiation) Hiroshi Mikitani spent quite a large amount of money on the club, and Vissel Kobe becomes the champion of Emperors’s cup.

A next player who may play for the Vissel Kobe

David Silva, who is playing for the Manchester city, maybe coming to J-league. Reportedly, Vissel Kobe and FC Tokyo are under the negotiation. In my opinion, Vissel Kobe takes advantage of this negotiation because Iniesta is playing for the club. However, according to news, David silva is interested in living in Tokyo, so FC Tokyo has merit on it. Anyway, it is a great thing that the world-famous player plays for the J-league. David Villa said he was surprised by the quality and speed of the J-league, so the J-league’s level will be higher if world-famous players play for J-League. I am expecting it.

David Silva

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