Top 3 convenience stores in Japan

There are a lot of convenience stores in Japan. You can find those wherever you go, and some people have a preference for choosing convenience stores. The three biggest convenience stores are 7-eleven, LAWSON, and FamilyMart in Japan. I love Familymart the best. Initially, I loved 7-eleven, but my preferences have changed gradually, which convenience store located near your house is the most important though. Anyway, Let’s check the three nicest convenience stores.


Sales:$40 billion

7-eleven is the top of the convenience industry in Sales and the number of shops. Initially, 7-Eleven was born in the US, so 7-Eleven is opening its business in the foreign market as well. Their strategy is called “the dominant strategy.” “The dominant strategy.” mean 7-Eleven opens stores in the specific area and the benefit by efficient logistics system and advertisement. By opening stores in a specific area, it makes enable to get the cognition of the people. It is how 7-eleven has become No.1 in the convenience industry in Japan.

I really love the fried rice riceball of 7-eleven. It is the best riceball ever for me. It is worth a try when you come to Japan. I strongly recommend it, and the price is only around $1!!


Sales:$20 billion

LAWSON was also born in the US. However, LAWSON is taking behind opening its business abroad compare to 7-Eleven and Family mart. Their strategy is called “the targeting strategy.” This strategy means LAWSON focuses on the local people. LAWSON changes service depends on where is LAWSON located. This is how LAWSON can get customers and rank 2nd in Japan convenience store industry.

It is maybe interesting to compare some LAESON if you go to different city.

Family mart
Family mart

Sales:$6 billion

Family mart was born in Japan, not like the other two. And Family mart opens its store in foreign countries(especially in Asia). The number of the store is second-large scale following 7-Eleven. Family mart’s strategy is the same as 7-Eleven, “the dominant strategy.”

Each has different atomospher

When I visit convenience stores, I feel like each store has a different atmosphere. 

7-Eleven is a king. 

LAWSON is a variety

Family mart is soft

As I said, my favorite one is Familymart, which has higher quality commodities than others. (This is my opinion) Of course, I visit other convenience stores. Those three biggest convenience stores are supporting Japanese life. They are operating 24 hours every day without having a break. It makes us feel safe because stores have a variety of commodities and food. I can not imagine life without convenience stores. Japanese are convenience-addiction. Convenience stores make us spend money like sponge soak water. If you have a chance to live in Japan, you will realize how much convenience stores are convenience.  

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