25% of Japanese is a virgin

In those days, the young generation is losing interest in SEX in Japan. It is increasing the number of Japanese who has no experience of it. It has found in a recent survey.

The survey target is the age of 19 to 39; the ratio of virgin increased from 21.7% in 1992 to 24.6% in 2015 for women, 20% to 25.8% for men. Ten thousand people answered the survey.

The correlation is seen between income and sex experience. The lower-income group’s ratio of a virgin is ten times bigger than the higher income group’s ratio for men. In women, the same tendency was not seen.

Many types of research being done about the difference between a virgin and not a virgin. We can point out that financial stability is at least related to the problem for men. It is because women tend not to work after marriage and work for the house.

According to Peter Ueda, who conducted the survey, “Inactivity in sex is a severe problem socially, and we have to research more about the background of the trend of lifestyle or ways of work.

I guess why it happens

In my opnion, one of the reasons for it is that the amusements are increasing these days like youtube, Netflix or SNS, and so on. We can kill time without being with friends, and we know how to enjoy ourselves. We can connect through the internet, so we do not feel solitude. I guess less opportunity to be with others is a trigger of the problem. What do you think of the problem happening in Japan?

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