ARASHI: No1pop star in Japan

ARASHI is a pop star that consists of five members, Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Jun Matsumoto, Masaki Aiba, and Kazunari Ninomiya. This group started in 1999. ARASHI conducted its debut interview on the cruise ship in Hawai, and ARASHI is one of Jonny’s groups. That is why they could conduct such a luxury interview. Newly debut groups will never be able to interview at the cruise in Hawai like ARASHI. The video is their debut song A・RA・SHI.

The members (Name/date of birth/place of birth/blood type/member color)

1.Satoshi Ohno/26.11.1980/Tokyo/A/Blue

2.Sho Sakurai/25.1.1982/Tokyo/A/Red

3.Jun Matsumoto/30.8.1983/Tokyo/A/Purple

4.Masaki Aiba/.24.12.1982/Chiba/AB/Green

5.Kazunari Ninomiya/17.6.1983/Tokyo/A/Yellow

Why is this group named ARASHI?

There are two reasons that it named ARASHI. The first reason is that ARASHI means “storm” in Japanese. So they were expected to generate chaos like a storm in the world. The second reason is “A” is the initial letter of the alphabet. So they aimed to be a top of the music industry. Those are the two reasons why this group was named ARASHI.

ARASHI will be on hiatus after 2020

On January 27, 2019, ARASHI announced to take a break as a group after 2020. (doesn’t mean break up, according to them) The reason for it is that Satoshi Ohno, leader of the group, said: “I want to quit ARASHI and have freedom life.” It was a trigger to discuss the future of the group. However, Sho Sakurai said; there is a possibility to restart the group again someday. But one thing is sure that when they come back, there will be five members on the stage.

ARASHI looks happy during the hiatus announcement
How much is ARASHI popular?

It’s a rumor that it’s almost impossible to get an ARASHI concert ticket. I read a blog of ARASHI fan; she blogged that she could join the ARASHI concert only one time even though she applied it for five years. It’s showing that there is quite a low chance of getting it. Once ARASHI announces to have concerts, the Hotels near the concert venues are fully reserved even though the ticket is not sold yet. That means the fans are expecting to get a ticket soon after the announcement of the new concert. The funny thing is, this is a true story. If you can get a ticket for the concert, however, you have no hotel to stay.

ARASHI has started a Youtube channel

Surprisingly, it took only one day to reach 1 million subscribers after the launch of the Youtube channel. It was only one day. Could you believe it? It showed that ARASHI is still very popular in Japan.

ARASHI sang songs in front of the emperor

On November 9, 2019, ARASHI sang a song in the new emperor enthronement ceremony. It is one of the most significant events in Japan. It shows that ARASHI is a symbol of Japan as well. This is a really memorial event, and nobody knows when it will be held next. ARASHI must be honored to be able to sing a song in front of the emperor. It was impressed that the emperor smailed and cried by their performance. It was highly succeeded and make people emotional so much.

ARASHI will be on TV except for Satoshi Ohno

As I mentioned, ARASHI will be on hiatus after 2020; however, they will be on TV except for Satoshi Ohno. Satoshi Ohno wants to leave the TV industry for a while and relax in a rural area. Other members have TV programs which they regularly appear on the program.
I am looking forward to being able to see them forever after the hiatus.

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