How often does earthquake occur in JAPAN

The Great East Earthquake in 2011

Japan is a country where an earthquake happens frequently. I guess that the earthquake in Japan reminds of the Great East Japan earthquake that occurred in 2011. When it happened, I was 14 years old and was playing in an amusement arcade. First, I felt small shaking, and gradually, it became bigger and bigger. I still clearly remember the moment. All signals stopped operating, so a traffic condition was quite chaotic. Some people stood in the center of the intersection and tried to organize cars — what a hero! My heart could not stay calm. However, I did not imagine that the Tsunami would hit Japan at that moment. I had never seen Tsunami until it happened. I just opened my cell phone and watched TV, and then the news reporter said, “Alert. Big Tsunami is coming to Japan. Please stay away from the ocean.” However, most of us had never seen Tsunami, so some people curiously went to check the ocean. We did not know how powerful and dangerous a Tsunami is. It was the start of the tragedic. 

The Great East Japan earthquake is just one of the earthquakes that occurred in Japan. This earthquake is a lesson for Japanese, and now we soon stay away from dangerous areas when natural disasters happen. We have to keep in mind and take proper action as much as possible. It is the only way to make damage small.  

How often did earthquake happen in Japan in 2018

In 2018, The earthquake hit Japan 2,179 times. Is this number high or lower than you guess? What I want you to know is that I do not want you to fear this number. Because most of the earthquake shakes very subtly as we are not impossible to feel it, so please do not be afraid of visiting Japan after seeing this number.

When comparing with the world, there are about 1000 times of an earthquake which strength was more than magnitude six between 2000 to 2009 in the world total. And there were 200 times in Japan. It means 20% of a big earthquake happened in Japan in the period.

This graph is the date of the number of the earthquake(M5+) between 2000 to 2018
In 2011 was a year of the earthquake

As I mentioned, the great east earthquake hit Japan in 2011. And surprisingly, the earthquake occurred 10,680 times this year in Japan. It is almost four times of an average year. It can not be helped because it is a natural phenomenon that earthquake occurs many times after a big shock. It is called an aftershock.

Total number of earthquakes past 11 years

I found a thesis about the Great East Japan Earthquake. If you are interested in this, please check the URL. ⇒URL

Olympic 2020 will be held

What I am afraid of the most is the Tokyo Olympic in 2020. Why am I afraid of it? It is the event of peace and joy in the world. No, What I should say is that I am so scared of the big earthquake if it happens during the Olympic season. Tokyo is a potential city where Tsunami may cover it. There will be a large number of foreigners, and it is a piece of cake to foresee what is going to happen if it genuinely occurs. My best hope is to keep everyone smile without happening disasters.

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