The most famous English test in Japan called TOEIC is enough or not to measure real English ability?

TOEIC test is one of the most famous English ability measuring test in Japan. Official, it is known that the TOEIC test is to measure how much English communication skills you have.

How long time does the TOEIC test take

The TOEIC test is mainly divided into two sections, Listening and Reading parts. The test is 200 minutes long in total. Listening is 45 minutes, and Reading is 75 minutes long, respectively.

What is the highest score?

The TOEIC test`s highest score is 990. The maximum score of the Listening section is 495, and Reading is also 495, respectively.

Score sheet
How many questions are on the test?

There are 200 questions in total. Listening 100 questions, Reading 100 question. Above of the sheet is for “Listening part”, and the below is for the “Reading part.”

TOEIC test answer sheet
How many people take the TOEIC test per year?

The number of applicants is increasing recently. There are 2.5 million applicants per year on average. Of course, some applicants take the TOEIC test several times per year. In my university, there was a condition to promote to third-year university students, which we needed to score more than 600 in the TOEIC test by the end of second-year university students. So some students were taking ten times per year.

Are there some merits to get a higher score on the TOEIC test?

The answer is YES. In Japan, we can take advantage of when it is job hunting. Usually, the students who have the TOEIC score around 850 will have no pain in finding jobs. (relatively easy to find a job) The high TOEIC score proves he/she has essential study skills and high English skills.

Does a high TOEIC test score guarantee high English ability?

The answer is No. I have friends whose TOEIC score is around 800. In the official TOEIC statement, it is written that if your score is between 730 to 855, it means you have enough English conversation skills in any situation. You correctly understand daily conversations and be able to answer quickly. You have no language barrier, even on the business scene. Actually, It is almost impossible to make it happen.

What does each score range mean?
Level A Over860
Level B between 730 to 855
Level C between 470 to 725
Level D between 220 to 465

・Level A・・Native Level
・Level B・・Enough to speak English in any situation
・Level C・・Enough to understand simple English sigh and conversation
・Level D・・hard to communicate but possible to communicate

My experience

My highest TOEIC score is 870; however, there are many troubles in the workplace. When I was in Canada with a working holiday visa, I was working for a french restaurant. I was hired by showing my great motivation and dedication; however, I could not understand what they want me to do even though they’re telling me how to work properly. I felt so shocked. Because I practiced English conversation for a long time and have an 870 TOEIC score, My confidence was broken down. It is proof that the TOEIC score has no meaning.

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