The most retweeted tweet was born in Japan in early 2019

Do you know whose tweet has the world record of a retweet? It was born in Japan in 2019

At the beginning of 2019, one man tweeted that “if you follow me and retweet this tweet, you have a chance to get 1milion yen (nearly equal $10,000).” The total amount is 100 million yen ($1 million). This campaign was held by quite a famous entrepreneur in Japan, whose name is Yusaku Maezawa. (43 years old)

5.6M people retweeted it in peak time

In short, he said, “I will distribute $10,000 to 100 people,” He suddenly announced at the beginning of 2019. 5.6M people retweeted this. In Japan, We have a custom called “Otoshidama” We give our children and relatives children money in special envelopes to celebrate a new year. And he used the word of Otoshidama.

Have you ever heard his name? He is a founder of ZOZO TOWN, which is an online fashion shopping company established in 1998.

ZOZOTOWN is very famous in Japan. One of the reasons for this is that the character of Yusaku Maezawa is unique. He is planning to go to the moon shortly. And he was also renowned as a boyfriend of Ayame Goriki, who is a Japanese actress and singer. However, she broke up with him because he loves to play with women. (They were supposed to go to the moon together.)

Yusaku & Ayame Goriki

He owns quite expensive cars and watches. Everyone envies him for its luxurious lifestyle. But sometimes he is criticized because some people think he boasts his own lifestyle. (I don’t think he boasts his lifestyle because he made a lot of effort to be him now) Recently he has started his Youtube, and the first video is about depositing 100 billion yen in the bank. (100 billion yen = $Billion) This video was viewed 320 thousand timed in a day.

Let’s get back to the talk about twitter. One hundred people won $10,000. Could you guess what kind of people got the money? They had featured in common. The answer is the person who told his/her dream of a lifetime. I should have tweeted something dream of mine. 

He checked many tweets and selected 100 people by himself. He must have had a hard time deciding 100. Of course, I tried it, but I was not chosen. I just follow and retweet the tweet. I should have told something dream even if it is not real. I said the same things twice. I truly wanted to won it.

※Now ZOZO was bought by Yahoo, which is a huge IT company in Japan, and he resigned for the future of ZOZO. Yusaku Maezawa sold his stock of ZOZO, and he earned 200 billion yen. (After he got that money, he returned 50 billion yen of his debt.) 

He will give dreams to all over Japan as long as he continues the business

He has a talent for creating new business. The succeed of the ZOZO tells how great he is as an entrepreneur. And he will be starting something new which will make people happy again.

Youtube channel open
First Video

He has started a Youtube channel on Nov 29, 2019. The theme of the first video is “Go to a bank and deposit 100 billion yen“($10 billion) He is an absolutely rich man! I will follow his actions. He is a real entertainer!!

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