I can find foreigners in Japan many times recently(I live in Osaka). They are traveler, businessman, student, or was born in Japan. Today I am going to talk about travelers to Japan who come from a foreign country.


What do you mind when it comes to Japan? Clean town? Very Polite? Beautiful temple? Mt Fuji? Tokyo? Olympic2020? Shinkansen? Arrive on time? I think each person has different images of Japan. Travelers who come to Japan must be excited so much.


 But I feel guilty because Japan has small numbers of English signs to help you. It is quite inconvenient for foreigners. And moreover, the subway is super complicated even for Japanese. But I can see many station staff who are trying to speak English to help travelers. This is a wonderful change which I have found recently in Japan. However, foreigners must be so tired before they arrive at their hotel. I recommend you to purchase SUICA or PASMO or ICOCA before you use the subway in Japan.


In my opinion, what is the biggest problem is We(Japanese) tend to be too shy to talk to you. We think we have to be perfect in front of a person. If we can be more aggressive in talking to strangers, more and more foreigners would feel comfortable in Japan. It is hard even for me to speak to someone who is obviously in trouble. Sorry, I am shy. (I really feel I want to help you) I don’t like myself when I miss opportunities to help someone.

However, we have a special skill to get along with you. We can always walk in your shoes. We always think deeply about what you want, what you want me to do, how are you feeling. It is part of OMOTENASHI. We think I want you to enjoy Japan more than you expect. I want you to tweet, “JAPAN IS BEST COUNTRY EVER.” I want you to get the best memory. 

One courage makes people happy

One small courage can change the world and oneself. A beautiful experience can make people kind, and that kindness will make another person kind. If all people can think like this, the place where you are would be more helpful than ever.

Tokyo is a town for working

There are many companies in Tokyo. And workers in Japan tend to be so depressed by work or human relationships. So I feel they are losing the afford to enjoy conversation with someone. When I was in Canada, I was talked to by many local people in many places. What I felt was they live slowly and relaxing enough to enjoy their life. I do not like to compare the culture; however, I jealous of that kind of style. Canada has a spirit to enjoy life, and Tokyo has no spirit to enjoy life.

I found a interesting video made by “Stop having a boring life.”

Stop using “I am shy”

I don’t think being shy is an unfortunate characteristic. But I have to make an effort not to be shy in front of people. “I am shy” is a word that tries to avoid communicating. I will stop using, ” I am shy.”

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