Irish reporter said, “If you lose your phone, I recommend it in Japan.”

Rugby World Cup 2019 has was held in Japan. It is the first time to be held in Japan. It was surprising that the Japan team made it to quarterfinals. They beat Ireland and Scotland. WOW. Japan rugby was so weak in the near past. However, it has been so tough and strong enough to be able to beat tier1 countries.


 The fact that Japan beat Scotland made World surprise and proved that the Japan team is not weak anymore. They have the same power as tier 1 teams. Of course, the rule of how to select the national team member helps it. (Many foreigners help Japan team. Captain Michael Leich was born in New Zealand and had enough skills to be chosen by All-blacks)

During the period of the World cup of rugby 2019, I happened to see one article related to rugby and written like this. Irish reporter said, “If you lose your phone, I recommend it in Japan.”  your phone, I recommend it in Japan”

I couldn’t understand what does it mean. It is always sad to lose my phone!! But the title was so attractive to me. So I check the inside of the news. In this era, the phone is as important as our life, and It is hard to imagine I lose it (of course It is broken sometimes)

What was written is below.

One Ireland reporter who came to Japan for the rugby world cup lost his phone day before he goes back to Ireland. Then he had a taxi receipt. After that, one Japanese receptionist kindly called the taxi company, and there was his phone!! Moreover, the battery was fully charged!! (taxi company charged the battery before he comes to take it)

Could you imagine that you can take your phone back if you lose it in your country? Mostly, it is difficult to find your lost phone. This story expresses how the Japanese are thinking about others’ feelings and caring about all happiness. Of course, some are not like this. I fully admit it.

We love to see you are happy

Japanese love to see you are enjoying something. There are good aspects and bad aspects of it. It is often said in Japan that foreigners live their own life and Japanese live for others or companies. Japanese are working for the food. But foreigners eat food for work. It is a big difference in how we consider our life.

I do not want to be trapped by work

I love to work with everyone; however, I do not like to be captured by work. I think I need a balance. However, what is in common is that I want to make everyone happy. In the workplace, I always think about our customers. If customers feel happy to work with me, it is my happiness.

Irish reporter must be proud of coming to Japan

When I met the article, I felt so proud of Irish reporter experienced happiness in Japan. As is often said, Japan is a country of safety. I did not think it is correct first, however, since I visited abroad, I convinced it. I hope everyone who comes to Japan can feel happy forever.

Ireland vs Japan

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